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Moskalkova to monitor implementation of law on decriminalization of domestic violence

25 January 2017

The High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova intends to follow up on the implementation of the law on decriminalization of domestic violence, which passed the second reading in the State Duma on Wednesday.

"As the High Commissioner, I consider it necessary to especially follow up this situation in the law enforcement area under special monitoring and I will continuously monitor it in order to understand how it works," Tatiana Moskalkova told journalists on Wednesday.

The High Commissioner noted that the issue of violence in the family has many aspects, and it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer whether to support the law or not.

"I am an advocate of the law on combating domestic violence, I support the ratification of the Convention Against All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, but asfor decriminalization of domestic violence, I would like to highlight that this issue is not properly understood by the public, because its legal formula is completely different," said Tatiana Moskalkova.

She reminded that if the law was adopted, criminal liability would not come only for the first case of domestic violence, which caused minor injury, whereas for more serious crimes the liability remains intact, which corresponds to the norms of violence against other categories of citizens.

"It seems to me very important to take a more comprehensive approach to the issue of counteracting domestic violence, so that we could have some sort of shelter for those who are being subjected to violence and have nowhere to go; so that we could prevent such situations when family members allow violent acts not related to beating and not associated with slight bodily injuries, because violence can be in different forms," she added.

According to Tatiana Moskalkova, the Russian Federation also needs to sign and ratify the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention).

To be continued

Source: Interfax

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