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Putin introduced draft law on exclusion of NGOs from foreign agents’ registry to State Duma

04 February 2015

Moscow, 4 February — TASS. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin introduced a draft law on exclusion of NGOs from the foreign agents’ registry to the State Duma. The relevant information is given in the e-database of the lower chamber of the Parliament.

As it is stated in the explanatory note to the draft law, the current laws stipulates only the procedure as to inclusion of non-commercial organisations into the registry of NGOs functioning as foreign agents, and the possibility to strike it off from the list when such function is terminated has not been provided for.


"There are such NGOs which believe that they are included in this registry without reason. Without this law they could have made out their case for a thousand times, but they wouldn’t have been excluded from the registry," Ms Pamfilova said.

There is a range of requirements an NGO should meet to be excluded from the registry. Among them — no any sponsorship from abroad during minimum a year before the application, or refusal from and return of the relevant international grants within three months from the date the NGO is included into the foreign agents’ registry.

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Moskalkova to monitor implementation of law on decriminalization of domestic violence

25 January 2017

The High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova intends to follow up on the implementation of the law on decriminalization of domestic violence, which passed the second reading in the State Duma on Wednesday.

Commissioners to submit to Central Election Commission recommendations to improve electoral process

07 December 2016

High Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova claimed that Commissioners for Human Rights would submit a number of suggestions to improve the electoral process to the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation to have it further summarized and passed to the President of Russia.

Hot September

02 April 2016
The Central Election Commission, ombudsmen and law enforcement are getting ready for the elections. The forthcoming elections for the State Duma in September would be the first where those electors who have no permanent registration in one or another region would get the voting right. It was announced by a CEC member, Maya Grishina, the day before during a seminar…
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